Improving modularization in re-configurable manufacturing systems.

eManufacturing is a new approach to manufacturing and distribution systems implementation that provides full integration between manufacturing control systems and enterprise applications exploiting commercially developed off-the-shelf software components. eManufacturing also provides direct, easily-configured information exchanges between manufacturing and customer relationship managements systems and supply chain management systems. The result is an agile, re-configurable manufacturing capability that can respond instantly to the changing demands and opportunities characteristic of eBusiness.

"With Optiwise we are able to enhance our approach in collaborative machine design feature development, which transparently enables product modeling and assembly process optimization and associated definitions for modules and components", the initial thoughts of Ricardo Velez at the Assembly Automation Laboratory.

The Optiwiseä software is the only truly Web-based solution that provides peer-to-peer user level interaction with an efficient process management & optimisation tool. This enhances the portfolio management modelling, cost-effective analysis and optimising processes, across the product and service oriented enterprises, and especially where time to market, money and management of corporate efficiency are critical key points for a successful business.

The Assembly Automation Laboratory (AAL) of the Institute of Production Engineering at the Tampere University of Technology works for research and education in light assembly production for electronics and mechanical engineering industries, having a special focus in automated final assembly and back-end assembly operations. The research covers basic research, applied research and confidential contract research.


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