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The Optiwise™ Solution

The Optiwise™ solution is a comprehensive set of tools and methods for designing of products that are technically feasible, and that provide the variability to cover the desired markets now and in the future.

Optiwise™ focuses on empowering product teams across the boundaries of companies to collaborate effectively in product development. Optiwise™ enables users to take architectural requirements into consideration in new product introduction, as well as to improve the product architecture.

Optiwise™ is an industry-independent solution, which empowers teams and partners to use their combined knowledge and skills in collaboration to achieve high velocity new product introduction. Optiwise™ is designed for telecom-, heavy manufacturing- and hi-tech industries.


Product architecture is captured in Optiwise™ by defining product models, which are composed of re-usable product items such as requirements, features, components, solutions, systems and modules. Product items are linked to each other with rules, which represent the relationships between the various items. Modeling and modularization process guidelines steer collaborative modeling, so that modelled solutions can be re-used, and used effectively in modularization.

With Optiwise™ the effects of engineering changes on the product architecture can be controlled. When an engineering change is introduced, Optiwise™ enables users to identify those services and products that are affected. No time or revenue is lost due to unforeseen conflicts or restrictions. Furthermore, Optiwise™ enables product teams at each tier of the value chain to verify how well their offering fits targeted customer requirements.


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