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Optiwise™ offers unyielding enterprise security against illegal data access across the enterprise value network based on strict role based access. Optiwise with this unique feature, stays apart from its competitors by restricting critical data access by providing different roles in accordance with company hierarchy.

Information available to the user’s current role may be viewed. Optiwise Management Server and Management Console provide authorization and validation of users. Each user can have multiple roles within the organization. Even workspaces can be role-specific, based on who opens reports, views, short cuts to enterprise objects, document links, etc. Role-based intelligent reporting tools combine Engineering, Manufacturing, Production, Financial and Supply Chain information.

Role change option has its own importance in a business organization in all contexts. Role change option allows companies to specify and enforce security policies that map naturally to the organization’s structure. Similar responsibilities can be identified and role based permissions can be set. Each user is assigned one or more roles, and each role is assigned one or more privileges that are permitted to users in that role.

Role change option helps in redesign of the organization through the definition of job roles, job requirements, skills, and experience necessary to meet performance expectations. Instead of exercising complete control, users will be engaged in a cooperative process in which without logging out from the active session initiates communication, monitor events and perform tasks to meet user's goals. So altogether with Role Change option, data and applications administrators and owners can more effectively manage and maintain information resources in a manner consistent with enterprise-wide security policies.


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