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Sensible Party News

  • Guest Book Added to Site (7/6/2004): There is a new Guest Book feature on the web site, where visitors may record a name and comments about the site.
  • FAQ Added to Site (7/4/2004): A new section for "Frequently Asked Questions" has been added to the web site. Check out the "FAQ" link at the top of any page for more information.
  • Web Site Update (6/26/2004): The Sensible Party website has been updated to include home page links to the latest news items on the site.
  • Mailing List Established (6/23/2004): The Sensible Party now has an e-mail newsletter hosted by Yahoo! Groups, allowing interested people to keep up to date on the latest news about the Sensible Party. Visit the Mailing List Web Page, or send an e-mail to sign up.
  • Donations Accepted (6/19/2004): The Sensible Party website now accepts donations to the cause, in the form of personal gifts to Sensible Party founder David B. Wright via the PayPal online payment system.
  • Sensible Party Web Site Founded (6/17/2004): The Sensible Party website, www.sensibleparty.com, was established today to promote the ideals of cooperation and common sense in American politics.