Optiwise enables an instant leap from concept planning to operations readiness analysis. Optiwise empowers even global teams to collaborate efficiently, as team members providing concurrent access to Optiwise models over the Internet.
• Optiwise Modeling Tool
• Optiwise Reporting Tool
• Optiwise Exchange
• Optiwise Monitoring Console
• Optiwise Management Console
• Optiwise Graphics Engine

      AutoVue Integration
      Graphics Engine
      Generic Adapter

Optiwise’s ability to visually show the dependencies between any element within a product and the dependencies between different products, eases the identification of the correct product platforms and their market niche matching. The natural way to break a product into sub-systems is to use a graphical diagram. This is exactly the visual presentation used in Optiwise.
Optiwise 4-tier - architecture was chosen for full scalability for hundreds of concurrent users. Business servers can be dynamically clustered. Adding additional power is as simple as installing and starting a new server. The presentation servers are session oriented, and can be deployed in a load-balanced array of machines. Servers are managed with an integrated management console, which provides functions for the startup and shutdown of the servers, and for monitoring the status and performance of the servers remotely.

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