Optiwise Methodology

Optiwise provides a simple and uniqe methodology to manage emerging issues and trends business end-users face.Optiwise Methodology provides cohesive way of organizing enterprise data and build relationship between them witha role based view. Optiwise methodology defines a Product information is presented as a set of logical and physical building blocks. The methodolgy subdivides the very complex corporate infrastructure to the most discrete level as products, modules, features, functions, components and considers these as database entities which makes it easy for the tool to handle. These building blocks are linked by rules, which represent the dependencies between the blocks. Each building block defines detailed information as attributes. Evaluating a network of rules results in a list of the possible product item combinations defined by those rules.

Optiwise methodology is based on simplification of the concepts, multi-user environment, the reusability of components and design solutions on all levels. Product building blocks, features and customer requirements are linked together with rules and dependencies.Optiwise™ Methodology is a set of methods and principles for defining and sharing product information of complex, build-to-specification products collaboratively with the supply chain. It contains methods for modeling, modularizing, platform creation, product analysis and optimization. It defines a visual notation for representing re-usable product items such as features and components, and rules, which represent the dependencies between the items. Optiwise™ Methodology consists of Optiwise™ Book, describing the core methodology and the concepts, and separate process manuals. The methodology is fully supported by Optiwise™ software.

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