Optiwise Maintenance

Optiwise provides clients with the support and services required to successfully manage their enterprise solution. Optiwise offers fully integrated maintenance and materials to meet unique integration needs for all our products and services.
By providing technical assistance as well as the latest updates and releases to our solutions, we offer a wide range of support services, including:

Software maintenance: a subscription to innovation, which includes new versions, releases and updates to existing Optiwise version
Help desk: (telephone/e-mail) for any technical questions and the first level approach to methodology related questions.
On-site service: to meet customer specific needs

To understand the basics of both Optiwise™ Methodology and Modeling software we offer several training courses either at our training center or on your site. We also provide customized training to meet special customer requirements. The different training modules and levels are aimed at understanding Optiwise™ Methodology and Modeling software.

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