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All since 1889 the motors made by ABB Motors have boosted the business of customers all over the world. The company engineers, manufactures and markets low-voltage induction motors for industry and power generation needs.The Company in Vaasa, Finland produces 35 000 - 40 000 motors annually. Orders from customers are practically never completely similar, so for most motors ABB must either engineer a separate structure or at least modify minor details.

"The collaboration with Optiwise™ jumped out of the need to accelerate the time spent in product development and delivering our motors. We wanted to clear up the configuration of the various modules and reduce the number of variant product parts", says Mr. Mikko Helinko, marketing director, ABB Motors. The goal was to create a product configuration system able to choose the right alternatives among engineered structures for an ordered motor. In this way it is possible to speed up sales-planning work and the creation of same-type structures.

Cooperation was started with modeling motor structures using Optiwise™.

The Optiwise™ solution is a comprehensive set of tools and methods for defining and sharing product information, which enables the trading of complex, build-to-specification products. Optiwise™ focuses on empowering product teams across the boundaries of companies to collaborate effectively in product development. Optiwise™ enables users to take architectural requirements into consideration in new product introduction, as well as to improve the product architecture.

Optiwise™ affects the entire production chain

The modeling made with Optiwise™ can be seen in everyday work at ABB Motors, from product design at the factory up to the customer, via the salesperson.
Engineering work done once can be utilized in the future more efficiently than before and thus we can shorten the production process and reduce errors.
"With Optiwise™ we save our own as well as our customers' time. The entire team within ABB Motors can play according to common rules and the finished product enters the market faster than before", says Mikko Helinko.

Helinko gives also credit to the Optiwise™ product's visual properties and illustrative modeling.

"The rules of game applied by the workgroup can also be illustrated visually if necessary. The entire workgroup from product planning to salespeople speak the same language and we have a common view of the contents of the different modules."

The Company is currently working to bring a new generation of motors on the market. They will also use Optiwise™ when modeling this motor generation.

"With Optiwise™ we ensure that the structural modules of the motors are compatible, and that customer-dependent product alterations do not cause any surprise during production", Helinko says.

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